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About Us
Community Meetings
The Board's reports are now accessible for those with disabilities, however if some reports/presentations are not accessible, please contact NGrieveson@explace.on.ca for a hard copy.

To keep residents informed as to questions, responses and actions to be undertaken raised at the community meetings - this link has been developed where residents can view the status, if any, of concerns as well as any information that would be of interest to the residents.

Community Meeting - June 27, 2016

Download Questions/Responses

Download Presentation - BMO Expansion & Raptors Practise Facility

Download Presentation - Metrolinx Update

Community Meeting - June 23, 2015

Download Questions/Responses

Download MLSE Presentation

Download PanAm Presentation

Community Meeting - March 5, 2014

Proposed Improvements to BMO at Exhibition Place

Download Report

Download Questions/Answers

Public Consultation Meeting - June 16, 2014

Regarding Electronic Dance Music Concerts

Download Notes

Community Meeting - June 19, 2014

Download Question/Answer Notes

Community Meeting - August 11, 2014

Power-Point presentation re Proposed Raptors Facility at Exhibition Place by MLSE

Download Presentation

Download Questions/Answers

Community Meeting - June 27, 2013

Download Questions/Answers

Community Meeting - December 4, 2013

Community Open House - Presentation of Proposed Strategic Plan for the Board of Governors of Exhibition Place

Download Questions/Answers

Community Meeting - June 12, 2012

Download Questions/Answers


Portable Drinking Fountains - Locations

Download Map

Rose Garden at Exhibition Place

Download History - Photographs Included

City of Toronto - Dogs Off-Leash Policy

(As requested by the residents at its meeting of June 27, 2013)


City of Toronto Dufferin Bridge Construction

(As requested by the residents at its meeting of June 27, 2013)


Hotel Plans


North View  South View  East View  West View

Stadium Plaques

Baseball Plaque Home Base  

Baseball Plaque First Base 

Baseball Plaque Second Base 

Baseball Plaque Third Base  

Ned Hanlan (Tug Boat) Move to Toronto Islands

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