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About Us
Princes' Gates Arch LED Lighting Request
The Princes’ Gates is a Toronto landmark. This heritage structure is the ceremonial entrance to the grounds of Exhibition Place. The Princes’ Gates new lighting system is designed to showcase the architectural features of the central arch, providing illumination during the evening hours and highlighting the iconic landmark. The new lighting is an LED, energy efficient system that can be programmed in 7 different colours, and a variety of different colour fading, and jumping effects.

Application Process

Applications from organizations and causes may be accepted to program the Princes’ Gates Arch lighting in accordance with the following process.


Exhibition Place will consider lighting requests for nondenominational, nonpolitical registered national charitable events or causes.

Please note that lighting requests will not be considered for:

  •  political campaigns/events
  • personal events (weddings, birthdays etc.)
  • religious holidays other than:  Easter, Eid Al-Fitr, Hanukah & Christmas
  • commercial, corporate, institutions or professions (i.e. product launches, meetings, events, galas, exhibitions, hospitals or schools)
  • annual blackout dates, which include event days of the annual CNE Fair, Indy Car Race, and any full grounds occupancy of Exhibition Place for a CityWide event such as, Olympic Games, PanAm Games, Worlds Fair etc.
  • Lighting will be scheduled for Exhibition Place professional sports teams on the first day of the season, and for each playoff game. Lighting will be scheduled for City of Toronto professional sports teams that do not play at Exhibition Place for each home game during playoffs at the sole discretion of Exhibition Place Management.

How to Apply

  • Requests must be submitted online through the Exhibition Place website by the organization
  • Online applications must be completed in full
  • Request must be received a minimum of 30 days in advance; but not more than 12 months in advance
  • No auto-renewals for recurring events are permitted
  • Applications are for one (1) 24 hour period, and will not be accepted for multiple days


  • Approved application form will be signed by Exhibition Place Management and emailed to the requesting organization to confirm booking
  • Due to the high volume of requests, not all applications can be accommodated.  Should an application be declined by Exhibition Place, it is not a reflection of the merits or importance of the cause/organization/request
  • Only approved applicants will be contacted
  • There are additional fees associated with renting adjacent Event Spaces at Exhibition Place for social gatherings, sampling/display opportunities on the evening of the applicant’s lighting, photography of the lighting, or to create a public event or display. Contact  for details and pricing.
  • Should the organization wish to promote their lighting, Exhibition Place requires samples of communication materials that acknowledge lighting for approval at least 14 days before lighting day, or request is subject to cancellation by Exhibition Place.


  • Lighting is scheduled on a dusk-to-dawn basis. (Disclaimer: lights may only visible when the sky darkens 30 mins after sunset & run until sunrise the next morning)
  • Lighting is available in 7 different colours: red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan, and white.
  • Exhibition Place Management reserves the right to schedule, and manage lighting at its sole discretion.  Exhibition Place reserves the right to alter or make adjustments to the schedule as necessary, which may involve modifying the timing of your lighting or rescheduling the date.

Sharing on Social

We encourage the sharing of photos or video of the lighting of the Princes’ Gates at Exhibition Place. Please use our handle @ExPlaceTO#ExPlaceTO  when posting to social media.