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Waste Management
In 2004, Exhibition Place adopted an official Environmental Plan, recently named the Exhibition Place GREENSmart program. The program lays the groundwork for Exhibition Place to serve as a model for other organizations to operate successfully while being environmentally friendly. The following are key elements of our program:

We Recycle

The program has seen the introduction of initiatives on the premises to separate and recycle waste materials (including glass, paper, wood, plastic and food waste). Enercare Centre uses and recycles 100% PC hand towels for all of our public washrooms, and has recycling and safe disposal programs for special items such as batteries, fluorescent lamps, paint and toner cartridges. To date, the facility is already diverting 82% of its overall waste.

Linen Free Rooms

Linen-free meeting rooms. Classroom set-ups feature linen-free tables as a standard set at Enercare Centre. New T-leg classroom tables with an attractive melamine finish will serve to conserve water, and reduce environmentally harmful dry-cleaning of table linens.

Urban Forestry

An urban forestry program, which preserves and renews the urban forest. There are over 2,750 trees across the site and the Sakura Tree Project and the naturalized garden are recent initiatives. The site is watered using lake-water irrigation piped from nearby Lake Ontario.

Compostable Food Packaging

Compostable Food Packaging Recycling Program Enercare Centre's caterer; Centerplate launched a compostable packaging recycling program which included compostable: hot and cold cups, lids and straws, plates, napkins, utensils, salad packaging & dressing containers, and wraps & sandwich packaging in all of the venue’s concession stands.  Enercare Centre complimented the additional recycling efforts by rolling out a new 4-stream recycling bin which can accept; paper, plastic & cans, compostable food waste and litter.

FSC Products

Use of (Forestry Stewardship Council) FSC paper products. The office staff of Enercare Centre utilizes 100% Post consumer recycled paper printed with soy vegetable inks for letterhead, business cards, printed materials and envelopes. Printing of these materials was handled through a FSC certified printing company. Photocopy paper is also recycled.