4 Ways Place Facilities is Integral to Events at Exhibition Place

March 10 2019

As attendees to shows, meetings and events at Exhibition Place, you are treated to an experience like no other. Whether its fantastical displays, an immersive activation, a professional development conference or trade event, it was all designed with you in mind.

How do we make this magic happen? With an immense amount of coordination between teams and departments from show organizers, operation managers, show and venue marketing teams, internal event coordinators and more and last but not least, the Facilities Department to help everything run efficiently.

First and foremost – what is Facilities? In short, Facilities is our rock star team of housekeepers and labourers who ensure that safe operation of our venues: Enercare Centre, Beanfield Centre, Better Living Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Bandshell Park and the grounds at large. They are crucial to all of the events you attend here … but how?

1. Facilities Provides a Clean & Safe Atmosphere

Ensuring a clean and safe atmosphere requires a lot of care, coordination and communication. While this feels second nature to us, there are some that do not know how important, and difficult, this can be to achieve. Our Facilities team works around the clock–morning, noon, night and overnight to ensure our venues and grounds are clean, safe, and event-ready.

Our Halls, Galleria, Meeting Rooms and Bathrooms are all important areas we target on a day-to-day basis, with different chemicals, products, machines, and pieces of equipment used to perfect what we call ‘the art of cleaning’.

Following the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, the Facilities team gets to work cleaning the Enercare Centre and Heritage Court from top to bottom ensuring that there is no trace or smell of the animals. It takes a few days to complete, but with the right products, safety protocols in place and time to air out the building, they make sure that the venue is safe for the next event. 

2. Set-Up Specialists

It is very easy to walk into a venue and not truly realize how many moving parts there are in hosting a large scale event. While there are several parties involved in making this happen, the Facilities/ Labour department is like a Swiss Army knife when it comes to the various operations we are able to perform.

Everything from stage set-ups, barricade placement, banner hanging, snow removal, food court/other floor plan set-ups, and the operation of many different kinds of vehicles, our Labour team can do it all.

3. Client/Guest Satisfaction & Interaction

While our Labour & Housekeeping Teams excel at completing their specific duties, their client and guest servicing skills are also an integral part of creating a great experience within our venues.

Customer service is a big part of any industry, and while Coordinators and Managers alike act as the main outlet for our clients, our part-time (Union or non-Union) employees provide our visitors with quality service can make the difference between a good event and a great one!

4. Constant & Reliable Resources

As previously mentioned, our Facilities Team (both Housekeeping & Labour) provide a variety of service in terms of event preparation. Our experienced employees know the answers to everything, or know someone who does, as it related to our department, and can clean up the biggest (literally) messes, or assist in quick fixes operationally. Need to thoroughly scrub a floor to a nice, glowing shine? We have the machines and operators to make it happen. How about removal of stains on walls? Power washing at your service? Hanging hundreds of show banners? Experienced employees with high-reach equipment are available. Quality resources are never far in our department.

Facilities is just one integral piece of the puzzle that keeps the grounds running smoothly. We are grateful for the work they do every single day and to count this team as part of the Exhibition Place family.



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