The Exhibition Place Cherry Blossom Trees Are In Bloom

April 27 2017
Exhibition Place is home to 68 cherry blossom trees - a sight not to be missed!

In May of 2002, 68 Japanese Flowering Cherry trees were donated to Exhibition Place by the Sakura Project. These Instagram-worthy trees overflowing with fluffy white or pale pink flowers, are at peak bloom during the last week of April or first week of May depending on the weather.

Through the Sakura Project, the Japanese Consulate has planted 3,082 trees at 58 locations across Ontario as a symbol of friendship between the Japan and Canada. 

Enjoy a cherry blossom festival without the crowds!  Grab your camera and take a stroll through Exhibition Place's picturesque grounds to visit our cherry blossom trees in bloom.

Cherry Blossom trees near the Better Living Centre

The cherry blossom trees can be admired at several locations at Exhibition Place:

General Services Building

Press Building

Bandshell Park

Better Living Centre/Princess Margaret Fountain

Queen Elizabeth Offices/ FountainBlu

Liberty Grand


by: Corina Hitchcock