Visiting ExPlaceTO: By Bike

August 11 2017
Cycling to #ExPlaceTO for an event, meeting, tradeshow or conference has never been easier or greener!


Easily accessible from the Martin Goodman Trail, there are 732 bike racks located on the grounds of Exhibition Place. You can download a map of their locations here.

In the past year, Exhibition Place has added bike lanes throughout the grounds, creating a safe space for the many urban cyclists who use the grounds as a thoroughfare, visitors to the grounds and employees who bike to work. 

Adding to the bike-friendly infrastructure are two new BikeShare locations! As part of the recent BikeShare Toronto expansion project, two locations on the ExPlaceTO grounds are in the process of being installed. The locations were selected based on their proximity to public transit, to further enhance the city of Toronto's transportation network. The location next to the Exhibition Place GO station has already proven to be quite popular with commuters as has the location in parking lot 856 next to the Dufferin Gate.

Cycling is not only beneficial for maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle, but for the environment as well. Urban biking improves air quality, cuts down the traffic on congested city streets, and generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

This year, choose to go green and bike to ExPlaceTO!


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