Wayfinding at ExPlaceTO: How to Find your Way Around on Your Next Visit

September 26 2018

An effective wayfinding strategy is crucial to helping people find their way around efficiently, safely and easier. They are able to better navigate an area and feel confident that they are headed in the right direction. Exhibition Place is thrilled to be a part of a city-wide initiative to help our visitors travel throughout the grounds faster and easier by being a part of the TO360 Wayfinding Program.

Through the TO360Wayfinding Program, the Exhibition Place Security and Parking Departments worked closely with the city to oversee the installation of six new way finding signs and three new pedestrian direction signs strategically placed at key locations around the grounds.


TO360 Way Finding Signs

Pedestrian Direction Signs


The beauty of Exhibition Place is that it is a place that means so much to so many people. It’s where you can attend a conference and a concert, do yoga under the stars, play games on a midway, buy goods for your home, hobbies and loved ones, take in a sporting event, hangout with family, create memories and so much more. The introduction of this new signage to the grounds now means it’s a place to do all these things with more ease and spend less time figuring out where you're going.  

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