Ron Satok

Image details: Detail from Face Off by Ron Satok, polymer tempera, 1961 Located above the entrance to Gate 5 at BMO Field

A Hockey painting in a Soccer Stadium?  Some might question this juxtaposition but the painting Face Off is not just about hockey – it’s the epitome of so many sports.  Two teams or two players facing off in the heat of competition – this moment is captured in Ron Satok’s painting inside BMO Field Gate 5 entrance.

Ron Satok was born in 1932 in Simcoe, Ontario.  He received his diploma in drawing and painting from the Ontario College of Art (OCAD U) in 1954.  Satok went on to complete a Master of Fine Arts at the University of Guanajato in Mexico and then a doctorate in Art and Art Education at Columbia University in New York. 

Ron Satok has had a rich career in the visual arts.  His work has been shown all over the world, including several shows in New York art galleries in the 1960s and 1970s.  With a travel fellowship from the Ontario Arts Council in 1969, Satok painted and studied art in Japan and England.  On his return to North America, he held an exhibition called Japan Series at the In Circle Gallery, a gallery he co-owned in New York City in 1971.

Ron Satok has produced several commissions in Toronto. In 1959 Satok was commissioned by Reeves and Sons (Canada) Limited to create a large mural.  The Painter’s Eye is a mosaic made from Venetian glass and ceramic tiles that measures 16 feet by 7 feet and was hung on an exterior wall at Reeves.  The mural was donated to Exhibition Place in 1971 and hung on the east-facing wall of the then Arts Crafts and Hobbies Building (now Medieval Times). In 2011, the Painter’s Eye was moved to the north entrance of the Better Living Centre.

After losing his eyesight in 1978, Satok founded the Satok School of the Arts, where he taught children and adults who were blind or physically or developmentally challenged to discover their innermost emotions and transpose them into art.

Ron Satok received an Order of Ontario Lifetime Achievement Award in 1994.

“When you have a calling, believe in the power of it and follow your dream.”

To view some of Ron Satok’s artworks and read more about his career please visit the Rogallery website:

The Painter's Eye, 1959, located in the north entrance of the Better Living Centre