Garden of the Greek Gods

Just to the south of the Horticulture Building, now the location of the Muzik Clubs Inc. nightclub, is a set of twenty massive statues of ancient Greek Gods known collectively as the ‘Garden of the Greek Gods’. The statues are the work of the late Toronto artist, E.B. Cox (1914-2003), who took several years to carve the figures from blocks of solid limestone using an air hammer and chisel.

The Garden of the Greek Gods was displayed at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in 1976. It was such a popular attraction that the CNE Association decided to purchase the statues and place them permanently on the fair grounds.

At its meeting of April 23, 2010, the Board of Governors of Exhibition Place approved the purchasef the Garden of the Greek Gods statuary from the Canadian National Exhibition Association at a value of $500,000 and the sale was finalized as part of the Master Agreement between the CNEA, the Board and the City (and related to the independence of the CNEA) and the Garden of the Greek Gods was transferred to the Board in 2013.

If anyone would like further information about the Garden of the Greek Gods statuary please contact Linda Cobon, Manager, Records & Archives at 416-263-3658 or

Goddess of love, also known as Venus, born of the sea she reached shore riding a scallop shell.
Boy on a Dolphin
Many stories come down from antiquity of children having dolphins for playmates and sailors being helped to shore by dolphins.
One of a jolly race of creatures, half man, half horse, who lived in the forest of ancient Greece and were very hard to catch.
This savage three-headed dog guarded the gates of Hades, to keep good people out and bad people in.
One of the race of giant one-eyed men who herded sheep for a living. They were finally done in by Hercules after a fierce struggle.
These bird women were the embodiment of conscience and tore at the hearts of evil-doers.
The mighty hero of ancient Greece. The Gods tested him with 12 labours. He is seen here after slaying the Nemean lion.
A monstrous dragon with nine heads originally – however if one head was cut off, two heads grew in its place. This one has 14 heads so figure how many heads were cut off?
One of three gorgons, with hair of snakes, whose glance changed all who looked at her into stone
A sea nymph having the body of a woman and the tail of a fish. Here she holds a merbaby and a young dolphin.
Half bull, half man, he guarded the maze for the king of Crete until vanquished by the Greek prince Theseus.
A handsome young man who pined away for the love of his own reflection, finally turning into the flower of the same name.
He charmed the creatures of the forest with his wonderful playing of the lyre and his heavenly singing.
The elusive god of the forest, half man, half goat, full of fun and games. He invented the reed pipes and filled the woods with their sounds.
After living in the desert for 500 years, this bird was consumed by fire. It rose anew from its own ashes and is the symbol of eternal life.
Sea Horse
These creatures appeared on the surface of the Mediterranean as whitecaps. In large groups they could stir up quite a storm if the wind was right.
A strange creature with claws of a bird and the body and tail of a lion. This woman would devour passing travelers if they could not answer her riddle right away
Three Graces
These beauties were judged by Paris and the most beautiful of them received the golden apple.
He ruled the seas and by blowing on his conch shell could either stir up the waves or calm a storm.
Supposed to be a fearsome creature, half man, half snake. This last surviving specimen doesn’t seem so very fierce.