Reading room

Upon arrival, researchers will be registered. The information gathered at this time is used to administer the Reading Room and to compile statistics for Records & Archives.

Use of Archival Materials

Coats, briefcases and bags must be left with Records & Archives staff for the duration of each visit. No smoking, eating or drinking is permitted in the Reading Room.

Staff will retrieve all material for the researcher. Researchers must handle all records carefully and must not mark, tear, fold, or otherwise damage the records in any way. Any damage found in material issued should be reported to staff immediately. Cotton gloves are also available for use when handling photographs or fragile records identified by staff.

Use only one file at a time to avoid misplacing or re-arranging the order of archival material.

Only pencils are allowed for use in the Reading Room. Pens, felt-tip markers, highlighters, and correction fluid contain substances that can cause damage to records.

Researchers must return materials to staff once they have finished using them (do not refile material).

No research material is to leave the Reading Room except with the permission of Records & Archives staff.


Access to some material held by Records & Archives is restricted due to donor request, conservation considerations or the Freedom of Information and Protection of Personal Privacy Act (FOI). The Archives staff will inform researchers of any restrictions. Access to some unprocessed records may be restricted (see Copyright and Other Restrictions).

Reproductions and Copyright Restrictions

Photocopying will be carried out by Records & Archives staff. Do not fold or mark pages to be copied. Staff will provide acid-free page markers for the use of researchers. Copyright restrictions may apply (see Copyright and Other Restrictions and Fee Schedule). 

Photographic reproductions will be arranged by Records & Archives staff. The researcher is responsible for the cost of any reproduction. Copyright restrictions may apply (see Copyright, Other Restrictions, and Fee Schedule for details). Restricted material cannot normally be reproduced. Researchers may take photographs of archival material free of charge.

Research Privileges Revoked

Researchers who fail to comply with the above regulations may be asked to leave the premises and may have their research privileges revoked.