Research services

Know what to do before you contact records and archives.

Be sure to do as much research as possible on your topic through secondary sources (books and journals) before contacting Records & Archives.  Know your subject well or as well as possible.

Before you telephone, write or email Records & Archives, define your needs as clearly as possible: what information are you looking for, time period, what format or type of record you are looking for (e.g. only photos), how extensive do you expect your research project to be (personal interest, thesis), deadlines, if any.

Make an appointment to visit Records & Archives or make arrangements to have staff provide you with the information sought.

Researchers are welcomed to use finding aids available in Records & Archives at no charge. Staff will assist researchers for up to thirty (30) minutes in identifying relevant records. At no charge, staff will undertake thirty (30) minutes of research in responding to requests received by mail, email, fax or telephone.

Beyond the first half-hour, staff will conduct expert searches based on their knowledge of the records and electronic finding aids for a fee. Upon request, Records & Archives staff will also provide researchers with the names of professional researchers who, for a fee, will assist in more extensive searches.