Learn more about donor restriction, conservation restrictions and restrictions on unprocessed records and how these might apply to you.

Donor restrictions

Access to some material held by Records & Archives is restricted due to donor request. In some cases, restrictions can be waived with donor agreement. The researcher is responsible for drafting a letter to the donor (or the heir of the donor's estate) explaining why access to restricted material is being sought. Records & Archives will act as liaison in this process.

Conservation restrictions

Conservation considerations may result in restricted access to archival documents. For instance, some early documents are too fragile to handle and some types of film cannot be viewed on a projector without causing damage.

Restrictions on unprocessed records

Access to some unprocessed records may be restricted until a proper inventory can be completed and physical and intellectual control established over the records.

Municipal Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act

Staff will inform researchers of any restrictions pertaining to the Municipal Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act.