Exhibition Place to host the World Circular Economy Forum 2020

World Circular Economy Forum 2020 is an initiative that brings together business leaders, policymakers, and experts to present the world’s best circular economy solutions.

Exhibition Place is pleased to be the first North American Convention Centre to host the World Circular Economy Forum – from September 29 to October 1, 2020, at Beanfield Centre. Attendees at the WCEF 2020 will have the opportunity to share their solutions and also learn about Canada’s unique skills and approach to the circular economy.

The Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Jonathan Wilkinson, announced on Monday, December 2, 2019, that Canada is the chosen country to host the fourth World Circular Economy Forum edition in 2020, co-organized by the Government of Canada. “My congratulations to the City of Toronto, a wonderful location to host the World Circular Economy Forum 2020. This is the first time that Canada has hosted this global conference,” said Jonathan Wilkinson. “It shows that we have made significant progress in moving toward a more circular economy and developing clean technologies to make our businesses cleaner and more sustainable.”

“We are honoured to be the first North American Convention Centre to host the World Circular Economy Forum 2020”, said Don Boyle, Chief Executive Officer, Exhibition Place, “Toronto is proud of our cultural diversity, and we look forward to welcoming international leaders and experts, creating discussion on economic and environmental topics that have an impact not only in our community but globally.”

The World Circular Economy Forum is a worldwide initiative of Finland and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. Now in its fourth edition, the first global forum was organized in Helsinki, Finland in June 2017 with 1,600 participants from nearly 100 countries. In 2018, Sitra brought the concept to Yokohama, Japan, and last year the forum took place in its original city of foundation, Helsinki.

“Exhibition Place has a significant impact on the circular economy through innovations and initiatives in environmental sustainability. We’re proud to be the Canadian convention centre hosting some of the brightest minds and leaders in Toronto,” said Laura Purdy, General Manager, Exhibition Place.


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