Global Meetings Industry Day #GMID22

Today is Global Meetings Industry Day!

This year’s theme for #GMID22 is #TimeToMeet. Global Meetings Industry Day is held each April to recognize our industry and the individuals who are a part of our vibrant community. This year Exhibition Place is accepting the #LightUpBlue Challenge and will be lighting our Princes’ Gates, Enercare Centre, and Beanfield Centre blue to support #GMID22 and our fellow friends in the Global Meetings Industry.

We, at Exhibition Place, agree that it is #TimeToMeet! If we have learned anything over the past two years, it’s the importance of advocating for our industry and telling stories of the positive impact that trade shows, conferences, and conventions have on people, businesses, and the economy! Because of the Global Meeting Industry, we are better connected to one another.

Exhibition Place has undergone some changes to ensure we are Better Connected to YOU!

We have recently opened the Sky Bridge connecting Beanfield Centre to Hotel X allowing a fully covered pathway between Hotel X, Beanfield Centre, and Enercare Centre!

We are now offering updated Wi-Fi in Beanfield Centre and Free Wi-Fi in Enercare Centre to make sure you are always connected!

We launched Studio X, a hybrid broadcast studio that will help enable the return of large-scale events virtually and safely amid the Covid-19 situation, providing event planners with a range of useful and innovative solutions which are relevant for the times.

And above all else, Exhibition Place boasts the award-winning LEED Platinum Enercare Centre, Canada’s largest exhibition and convention centre, and the Beanfield Centre LEED Silver conference venue. Since 2004, Exhibition Place has undertaken an environmental stewardship initiative, entitled GREENSmart, which includes the promotion of sustainable development, environmental initiatives, signing of a Net Zero Carbon Events Pledge and leading-edge green technologies and practices across the site.


Happy Global Meetings Industry day! We look forward to welcoming you back to Toronto, and back to #ExPlace with the highest level of safety and cleanliness.

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