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August 28, 2020



The GBAC STAR Accreditation Program is performance-based and is designed to help facilities establish a comprehensive system of cleaning, disinfection, and infectious disease prevention for their staff, clients and their buildings. This program is the gold standard of prepared facilities and relies on GBAC’s comprehensive training, which teaches the proper protocols, correct disinfection techniques and cleaning best practices for biohazard situations like the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

Accreditation is a rigorous process with 20 GBAC STAR™ program elements that must be completed to achieve certification. Each element has specific performance and guidance criteria and range from risk assessment strategies, personal protective equipment (PPE) and emergency preparedness to personnel training and standard operating procedures.

Exhibition Place, Director of Operations, Paul Torkan said: "As a world class facility in Canada, Exhibition Place was excited to embark on the GBAC STAR™ facility accreditation. This allows our facility to be able to demonstrate that correct work practices, procedures and systems are in place to prepare, respond and recover from outbreaks and pandemics. As the largest conference centre in Canada, it is important that our clients, guests, employees and visitors feel safe and confident that they can attend a trade or consumer show, meeting or conference with the proper protocols in place. We are very proud to have received this accreditation!"

Effective resumption relative to our line of work involves creating an event venue that serves as a safe event space to host a Business or Public Event. The health and safety of our staff and clients is our highest priority; achieving the GBAC STAR™ facility accreditation ensures we can welcome events back to our venue with confidence, knowing we are providing the highest standard of service possible.

"At Exhibition Place we are ready to reopen safely. We are committed to protecting staff, clients, customers, contractors, visitors and community and environment. We have implemented training and awareness programs for our employees that are aligned with the GBAC STAR™ program, Toronto Public Health and the Chief Medical Health Office guidelines. We want to ensure everyone that our highest priority remains the health and safety for all. When the time is right we look forward to welcoming you back to Toronto and back to Exhibition Place with the highest level of safety and cleanliness." said Laura Purdy, General Manager.


With the new guidelines below, issued by the Province, our Exhibition Place team is prepared and has begun planning for your event. Reach out to our Account Executive for more information.

" • Apply the current indoor gathering limit of up to 50 persons/guests on a per room basis, excluding staff.
    ○ This may be achieved by creating dedicated spaces (subgroups in areas/meeting or event rooms) for up to 50 guests, subject to provisions within this document. Each 50-person dedicated space should be distinct or separated by an impermeable barrier, subject to all individuals being able to maintain 2 metres (6 feet) physical distancing within each room.

    ○ Trade shows or any events requiring guests to mingle are prohibited at this time.

"Outdoor meeting and event facilities remain subject to the 100-person gathering limit for the entire outdoor area."

For more information, please visit the following links:

1. Ontario Expands Indoor Capacity for Meeting and Event Facilities

2. Guidance for professional meeting and event facilities during COVID-19 


On August 18th, Beth Potter, President & CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO), made a presentation to the Provincial Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Development. Our exhibition and convention centre industry task forces have been working collaboratively with Beth over the course of these last months of crisis. Our industry task force has been providing Beth with critical information on what we need to reopen Exhibition Place and indeed our industry. Today her comments were inclusive of the disparity of convention centres, versus shopping centres and museums, and reflected the urgent need for our industry to reopen and be supported by government. Beth’s comments are right on the mark;

“TIAO’s own research tells a compelling story; that reopening does not equal recovery. We know that the tourism and hospitality, meetings and conventions industries act as the canary in the coalmine for the catastrophic effects of COVID-19 on our economy. We were the first to be hit and will likely be the last to recover”

Attached is Beth’s entire 7 minute presentation; we encourage you to take the time to listen.[CLICK HERE]