Exhibition Place Spring Newslink

May 14, 2019

| Traffic Lights | Underground Garage | Staffing Updates | Information Session |

New Traffic Lights
Exhibition Place is happy to announce that the new traffic lights at the intersection of Princes’ Blvd and Newfoundland Drive are now operational. This addition will assist in the safe flow of vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic in this area. In the coming weeks we will monitor the timing of these lights and adjust as needed to maximize a safe flow of traffic consistent with the posted speed limits.
Enercare Centre Parking Garage
The Parking Department has been working in collaboration with the Toronto Parking Authority to install new technology in the Enercare Centre underground garage. The new upgrades will include in lane tap at the credit card machines, which will process transactions at a much faster rate. These upgrades will be completed within the next couple of weeks.
Staff Updates
Recently we announced some changes for several of our front-line employees, aligning their titles to the work they perform for our clients: | Jamie Needler, Event Services Manager | Sarah Jones, Facility Services Manager | Craig Shepherd, Facility Services Manager | Jeff Mann, Production Services Manager |
Client & Tenant Information Session
The next edition of our regularly scheduled info sessions will occur on June 11th from 10:30am to noon in Enercare Centre (Salon TBD). Please RSVP to Catherine de Nobriga at cdenobriga@explace.on.ca and she’ll advise you via email of the exact location and the agenda when they are finalized.