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The New Collective

January 14 2019
Highlights of Exhibition Place’s Improved Production Labour Agreement

The events business is very competitive so it’s up to event planners and show managers to produce an experience to remember and one that attendees will keep talking about long after the event has ended. More importantly, it is critical to deliver a return on investment while staying on budget. No matter how much a planner may love a venue, when costs become prohibitive, they will go elsewhere.

We understood that the cost of production services was an issue for existing clients and difficult work rules posed a challenge for Exhibition Place to secure new business. We needed to modernize the collective agreement to reflect our lines of business in the exhibitions, sports, meetings and convention markets. 

This new collective agreement with IATSE Local 58 will change the way we do business and transform what we can offer clients and address production labour within our new lines of business especially as it relates to plug and play technology and levels of expertise.   

Achievements in the new collective agreement:

  • Hours of work: The elimination of premium days attracting double time and no premium days based on an arbitrary day of the week
  • New minimum call requirements based on our lines of business
  • Elimination of labour duplication, otherwise known as job shadowing
  • Third-party operators: The ability for clients to use their own operators for defined lines of business in the corporate and touring portfolio
  • Recording your events: Updated and simplified language around recording and broadcasting reflective of current technology
  • The ability for clients to employ plug and play technology for
    • presentations
    • disc jockeys and musicians

We feel that these new terms and conditions of the new Collective Agreement will help us accomplish the goals we had from the outset which were to be more competitive, attract more events to our venues and offer a better client experience.


What does this mean for you, our client?

Hours of Work

With the elimination of "dark days" and amendments to the overtime provisions, work can be scheduled any day of the week at regular time between 7:00 a.m. and midnight for the first eight hours.  While double time rates will continue to apply for work assigned in excess of 12 hours, premium pay has otherwise been reduced to time and one half between midnight and 7:00 a.m.

Our new hours of work and scheduling language allow for work that engages Local 58 to be more cost effective, and to be more in line with local AV providers and other exclusive venue contractors.

New Minimum Calls

The new terms and conditions have reduced minimum call requirements:

  • work that is scheduled at premium time
  • that permit work to be scheduled on multiple activities within one event, and
  • when employees are scheduled for more than one call in a day

Remember, a 5-hour minimum call from the previous Collective Agreement still applies when it is the only call of the day.

Labour Duplication and Third-party Operators

One of the most interesting recent developments in the industry today is that many touring events now travel with their own operators. In the new Agreement, labour duplication, otherwise known as job shadowing, has been eliminated. This change will affect business function and travelling events such as:

  • conferences
  • meetings
  • conventions
  • gala events
  • travelling concerts
  • trade and consumers shows
  • theatrical productions

The travelling events listed above will no longer be required to use Local 58 labour exclusively, and can now use their own third-party operators to fill their key operator positions for defined lines of business in the corporate and touring portfolio, e.g. lighting, FOH sound, multi-media and video in combination with Local 58 labour in other roles.

Production services technicians at Exhibition place will get your show in and out, and may continue to provide technical expertise during your event in combination with operators provided by the event organizer. On a case-by-case basis, production staff from Local 58 can be reassigned to other meaningful work. Each event’s requirements will vary so please work with our meeting/events services team to work through your event logistics to determine staffing and budgets.

Recording Your Events

One of the best ways to make your marketing department love you is to capture video of activations in the moment, record testimonials or take photography for post-show or future marketing campaigns such as newsletters, social media, website content and blogs, YouTube or Vimeo channels and more. Under the new collective agreement, you are afforded more flexibility to capture these moments yourselves or invite traditional media and internet based environments without restriction or additional costs.

DJs, Single Person Setups and Musicians and Plug and Play Technology

Atmosphere is everything to an event and what that looks or sounds like is key. Hiring a DJ or musicians gives you one less thing to worry about and affords you more time to focus on other aspects of the show. In cases where there is not a substantial set up, you won’t need our expertise. Under our new direction, musicians utilizing plug and play audio equipment and DJs with a single person plug and play set up can entertain your guests for the evening without you having to engage production staff and incur an additional fee. 

Plug & Play Presentations

Going forward, when hosting a meeting in one of our 43 meeting rooms between Enercare Centre and Beanfield Centre, you will now be able to run your own PowerPoint presentation through the existing house systems, absent the need for substantial technical support. In the event your meeting or presentation does requires additional expertise, our highly trained and customer service oriented staff are here to assist.


The changes listed above are by no means exhaustive of all the updates in the ratified Collective Agreement. In fact, the Collective Agreement contains provisions, some exceptions and restrictions so we recommend that you reach out to our meeting/events services team to walk you through what these changes look like specific to your event.

This new Agreement, however, ushers in a new era for all stakeholders concerned: exhibition and meeting planners, IATSE Local 58 and Exhibition Place, with a commitment to training, customer service and most importantly, working side by side to deliver exceptional service.



We have also created a one-page takeaway for your to download to help you remember some of these changes. This is a great tool to review and a great conversation starter for you and your sales team member as a cheat sheet the information discussed above. This is a great tool to review

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