Parking at Exhibition Place

We are enhancing the signage in our Lots in order to better serve you!  As part of this project our Lots have been renumbered as follows: 

Enercare Garage = 850 or Enercare Garage

 Lot 1 = 851

 Lot 2 = 852

 Lot 3 = 853

 Lot 4 = 854

 Lot 5 = 855

 Lot 5A = 855 (combined)

 Lot 6 = Lot 856

 Lot N = Lot 857

 Lot P = 858

 Lot A = 859 or Gore Lot

Offering 6,450 parking spaces located adjacent to one of Toronto's main highways, the Gardiner Expressway, including 1,300 underground. A convenience very few venues can offer!

Regular Daily Parking Rates*

Surface Lots  $15.00

after 6:00 pm $12.00

Underground Lot  $15.00

after 6:00 pm $12.00

Underground rates increase $3 on peak usage days. 

Increased rates for BMO Field and special events. 

All parking lots are operated by Exhibition Place. Taxi cab service is available at all main entrances. We also offer exhibitor parking programs and valet parking services.

For additional info, please call Parking Services at 416-263-3646.

Wheelchair Accessible Parking

Exhibition Place provides a total of 88 wheelchair accessible parking spaces throughout all of its surface parking lots and indoor garage. All spaces are located near the entrances to the lots and/or close to the pedestrian access points to buildings and event space. Regular parking rates apply.

Hybrid Vehicle parking Spaces

A total of 14 parking spaces are provided exclusively for energy efficient hybrid electric/gasoline vehicles. These preferred spaces are located in Lots 1, 2, 3 and 4 and the indoor garage, in close proximity to the wheelchair accessible spaces. The preferred location of the hybrid spaces recognizes the contribution that owners are making towards lowering emissions, and the use of the spaces is left to the discretion of drivers. Regular parking rates apply.


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Charge your electric vehicle in the underground parking garage at Enercare Centre.  Look for the green 'Electric Vehicle Charging Station' signs in the underground parking lot: on the west, and north side of Hall D (green zone); south side of Hall B (blue zone); north and south side of Hall A (red zone).  Regular parking rates apply.

Parent and Child Parking

A total of 5 parking spaces are provided for the exclusive use of parents with small children and/or strollers. These are located in the indoor garage, and in Lots 1 and 3, near the accessible and hybrid parking spaces, with easy access to the buildings and event space. Regular parking rates apply.