Is there free Wi-Fi available?

Yes, free Wi-Fi is available in the Beanfield Centre and all areas of Enercare Centre.

Is there a hotel nearby?

Yes, Hotel X Toronto is connected by Sky Bridge to Beanfield Centre and Enercare Centre.

Is there an airport nearby?

Yes, Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is 2 km away and Toronto Pearson International Airport is 20 km

Who is Exhibition Place onsite AV official?

Encore Canada

How close is Exhibition Place to the downtown core?

5 minutes by car and 15-20 minute walk

How much is parking at Exhibition Place?

Parking is $18.00 per day ($15.00 after 6pm). This price is subject to change during high demand times
and annual increases.

Do you accommodate film/tv shoots?

Exhibition Place welcomes filming requests from production and location managers for a variety of
production needs. Please contact our Sales Department at 416-263-3056 for more information.

I am an exhibitor looking to order services. How do I do this?

Please visit Exhibit Services Page or contact us at 416-263-3000.